Any individual could join our public game
Individuals that gather on pub games are randomly teamed up to play games
NEW COMERS! You don’t have to worry,
our field staff will be incharge throughout the whole day and will help and guide you to enjoy the game

*public games have a minimum head count of 6 persons (12 for midnight games) in order to be
played, highly recommend to gather up your friends and make reservations.
*scheduled public games will be canceled if the number of reservations
is below the minimum head count of 6 persons.

*Our staff will reach out to those who’ve already made reservations to inform that the minimum head
count wasn’t achieved and public game on the specific date is canceled.

Cancelation contact will be:
22:00 the day before the 10:00 - 16:30 game
14:00 same day for the 18:00 - 21:30 game
18:00 same day for the midnight game



In case the participant violates the regulations and terms, that individual will be requested to leave without refund.
Terms are frequently updated

    18 years old and below are prohibited (including senior highschool students)
    pictured ID check upon registry is required.
    Here at BLKFOX under the police department supervision we are strongly implementing gun law and regulations
    【guns exceeding legal power limit】
    We do not recommend bringing guns that exceed legal power limit
    Violations may lead to the participant to disassemble the specific gun, request to leave the venue staff to contact the authority for legal actions.
    Metallic slides, metallic grip and other parts metallic look alike are prohibited
    Violators will be prosecuted by the police, field comply with changes within the gun law and legal compliance
    ・all guns have to go thru the field’s gun chronograph
    ・airgun chronographed with 0.2g 6mm BBs which are under 98.9m/s、0.98jules are allowed
    ・guns exceeding the power limit are prohibited
    ・please inform the staff if guns that went thru chronograph needs disassembly, it is required to re chrono the disassembled gun.
    ・power reduction adapters are prohibited.

    ※frequent gun re-chrono between games and breaks and implemented
    ※guns exceeding power limit viloators will be requested to dissasemble their gun and leave the venue.
    0.2g/6mm and below, bio BB, semi bio BB, plastic BB, glow in the dark BB are allowed
    ※steel, paintball type ammunitions are prohibited.
    ※BB weight checks during games and breaks are implemented
    Gas can sold within the domestic market such as:
    tokyo marui non fleon gas
    ※gas can pressure check are implemented
    ※possession, use of imported gas, mixed gas, can refilled gas, high pressured gas or such type is prohibited.
    Violators will be requested to leave the venue and will be blacklisted and banned from the field.
  6. <CO2 gun regulation>
    【permitted co2 guns】
    ・domestically sold co2 gun brands
    ※co2 guns besides handguns are prohibited
    ・chrono with 0.2g、6mmBB under 90m/s co2 handguns are allowed.
    ・preheating co2 magazines
    ・use of co2 magazine to none co2 guns
  7. <external tank adapter type usage>
    ・chrono with 0.2g、6mmBB under 90m/s are allowed
    Permitted regulators sold by SUN PROJECT web shop are allowed.
    Other regulators besides SUN PROJECT aren’t usable in our field.
    SUN PROJECT green gas (15g) JASG recognized
    SUN PROJECT green gas (74g) JASG recognized
    Other than the listed above are prohibited.
    ・SMG(magazine adapter type、external tank tapped magazines)
    ・AR (magazine adapter type、external tank tapped magazines)
    ※solenoid type SMG, AR are excluded.
    【about chronograph】
    1. External tank,regulators are assembled, regulator valves are fully opened during chrono
    2. Valve customization, breakage will be checked by the staff if they are allowed or not
    3. Either permanent or adjustable type valve all have to be fully opened during chronograph
    4. After chronograph staffs are required to tape and seal the valve to prevent adjustment
    1.staff have to be informed when the customers are changing tanks., tap and reseal is required
    ・intentional removal of tape seal(please inform the staff upon removal)
    ・intentional removal of tape without informing the staff will lead to the individual to leave the venue.
    ・mesh type goggles alone are not useable, shooting glass under the mesh goggles is required.
    ・sunglasses, eye glasses are not BB proof and are not allowed
    ・in game use of faceguards not a must but staff highly recommend the use of faceguard due to the close range engagements.
    ・eye protections have to be worn at all times before and after entering the game area.
    ・moving, destruction、vandalism of amenities are prohibited
    In some cases our field may claim payment for damages.
    ・uncontrolled movements,not being able to stop at your own momentum is not allowed
    ・shooting over, lobbing BBs over tall barricades, shooting the ceiling directly is prohibited.
    ・bringing food and drinks into the game area is not allowed.
    ※participants precautioned and still violate the rules of the above list will be asked to leave the venue
    1. remove the magazine from the gun, do not insert magazine into the gun
    2. always put on the safety switch of the gun.
    3. do not point the gun to other persons
    4. Do not put your finger or pull the trigger within the safety area.
    5. Gun function check, dry firing is not allowed
    6. Loading, prepping hand held grenades are not allowed,please prep at the designated loading area
    7. Revolver type guns, either swing out or use muzzle caps.
    violating 1., 2. For the 3rd time, staff will ask the participant to leave the venue
    violating 5., 6. For the 3rd time, shooting a projectile once staff will ask the participant to leave the venue
    other violations if the customer doesn’t comply,the staff will decide and ask for that customer to leave the venue.
    ・always put on eye protection before and after entering the shooting range.
    ・only shoot semi auto within the range
    ・Metallic slides, metallic grip and other parts metallic look alike are prohibited
    ・guns that cannot shoot semi auto
    ・fire selectors controlled via trigger pull
    ・power reduction adapter
    ・sharp pointed muzzles,exposed inner barrels
    ・high Db emitting items
    ・lights that exceed 100 lumens
    ・grenade launchers,claymores, trap type items
    ・solenoid powered guns
    ・guns with safety switch that are not functioning
    ※check with the staff about guns that formerly doesn’t have safety switch,staff will decide if it is use able or not
    ・always comply to the staff
    ・either within or outside the field verbal abuse is prohibited
    ・moving, destruction、vandalism of amenities are prohibited
    In some cases our field may claim payment for damages.
    ・possession of drugs and alcohol within the venue is prohibited
    ・entry while being alcohol intoxicated is prohibited
    ・spray cans, fireworks, smoke emitting combustible items are not allowed
    ・fire, heat emitting items are not allowed,designated smoking areas are available
    ・bringing, equipping knives, rubber knives or a similar mock type gear is not allowed
    ・if the staff has agreed and decided that particular item is dangerous,staff will ask the persons to take the item outside of the venue
    ・lost and found items within the store will be kept for 2 months, beyond 2 months lost and found items will be disposed
    ・if the staff notice that an individual is a hazard to other players, they will have the right to stop the individual from participating in the game.
    ・excessive exposure,immoral cosplay is prohibited.
    ・players that are banned from other airsoft fields will automatically be banned from our field.
    ・for public discretion entering and leaving the field with top and bottom camo clothing, wearing gear, cosplay, carrying of exposed airgun from the bag is prohibited.
    ・foreign customers participating need to have atleast one person in the group who could understand and explain japanese regulations.
    ・dating, religious, sales solicitors are not allowed in the venue, violators will be asked to leave and will be banned from entering the venue.
    ・we deny entry of organized crime groups and such connections with organizations mentioned.
    ・Our company will not take responsibility for troubles, accidents that happen within the store, parking lot.
    ・due to individual’s circumstances every individual’s public game cancellation of reservation must be processed thru the contact form providing the details reservation date, name of reservation 2 hours before door open of the reservation date.
    ・we will take 100% payment for reservation no shows, Denial to pay no show fee will lead us to deny reservation and entry of that individual.

※as listed above to prevent violations please make sure to understand and agree with our 「public game regulations and terms」before use of the facility.
Incase 「public game regulations and terms」has been violated, the individual will be warned and asked to leave the facility without refund.

<Game FLow>

  •  「team deathmatch」
    Eliminate the opposing team within the given time limit to win the game.
  • Most of the games will be 「semi auto only」
  • If there is a majority of request from the customers「full auto」games are possible
  • Games are mostly 5 minutes
  • Usually 4 rounds 1 set of games are played, players could play and take a break at their own timing.

<game rule,pre cautions>

  • Full body, gear, weapon hits are all counted,it only takes 1BB to get hit.
  • Friendly fire, teammate kill both shooter and shot person have to call the hit.
  • Ricochets don’t count as a hit,if it is suspicious or hard to tell if it was a ricochet or not simply call it a hit.
  • Freeze call,bang bang don’t count, no engagement distance
    (shoot the opponent anywhere below the neck if possible for them to notice you’ve taken the advantage)
  • No ammunition limit on every game, bringing loaders during the game is not allowed
  • FIeld is planned without cracks,shooting thru the wall isn’t prohibited but if you notice a crack to shoot thru please inform the staff to be able to fix the floor plan to omit cracks.
  • Hand held grenades are allowed 1 per person each game.
    Throwing limitations, grenades have to be under thrown below the waist within 2 meter radius.

<Prohibited actions>

  • Cheating, not calling hits
  • Physical contact with other players, bumping into barricades and other players
  • Overshooting other players who’ve already called their hit.
  • Blind firing, no look shooting
  • Peeking, jumping and looking over thru the tall barricades
  • Shooting guns aside from the designated chamber clearing cans before the games
  • Uncontrolled running and sliding, not able to stop at their own momentum within the field
    which leads to the player not noticing their hits.
    ○ (limiting actions of certain players might imply in some cases.)

*do not confront players who’ve offended regulations, kindly inform the staff about the specific player to be able to precaution the individual.


※rules of the above are flexibly altered according to the attendance.
※staff will explain and decide the game types of the day.


※50 person limit

1部/10:30 – 16:30

3,900 yen

Weekends (holiday)
4,500 yen


10:30 door open (10:00 during the weekends)
11:15 regulation explanations
11:30 game start
13:15 lunch break
14:00 game restart
16:00 game ends
16:30 close

2部/18:00 – 21:45

All day
3,500 yen

1,000 yen off for those who starts from 19:30


18:00 door open
18:15 regulation explanations
18:30 game start
21:15 game end
21:45 close

midnight/23:30 – 5:00

All day
5,000 yen


23:30 door open
00:00 regulation explanations
00:15 game start
04:30 game end
05:00 close


Rentals during public games are free (some cost fees)
Players who came empty handed can easily use rentals and enjoy the game

※only players who didn’t bring their gear and allowed to use free rentals
※for rental fees kindly check the (private game page)
※Rentals have limitations, notes thru reservations are highly recommended.

AEG handgun set

  • AEG handgun
  • Long magazine
  • BB loader(BB bullets not included)


AEG handgun with tracer unit set

  • AEG handgun
  • Long magazine
  • BB loader
  • Glow in the dark BB bullets(1000 rounds bag)

3,500 yen

Other rental Items

  • Fullface goggle
  • Cap/li>
  • Overalls
  • Gloves
  • BB loader
  • Tracer item

500 yen
1,000 yen
300 yen
500 yen
1000 yen

For facility use all participants needs to register membership


Please select a date from the calendar and make a reservation.