Public Games

Joining in a small number of participant is possible, rental gears & guns are free during public game.

What’s “public games” ?

Public game is where minor to major numbers of participants could join random players who are present at the moment are randomly and teamed up to have fun.
All games will be organized by our field staff to ensure even our first-time customers.

Game types

Public games are mostly annihilation game or specialty game, depending on the number and situation other types of games are playable too.

Annihilation game

Within the time limit team who annihilates the opposing teams wins.

Specialty game

A medic game, shield game, spy game etc.
rules on every specialty games will be announced by the field staff.

Game flow

  • Usual games are 5 minute games (some game time will be change according to the game variety.
  • Players could join or take a break on each games.
  • After a couple of game sets there are long break time between sets

Game rules

  1. Full body and gear hit rule, it only takes 1 bb for the player to call their hits.
  2. Not calling hits(cheating) and continuously playing is prohibited.
  3. Offensive words and actions(assault) towards teammates or opposing players are prohibited.
  4. Direct contact with an opposing players is prohibited.
  5. Overshooting dead players are prohibited.
  6. On friendly fire both players should call their hits and exit the game area.
  7. Blind fire ,shooting opponents without IDing is prohibited.
  8. Jumping over or looking thru and over, shooting from above the barricades which are 180cm high are prohibited.
  9. Test shooting guns inside the game are before each games are not allowed.
    *placing the muzzle on a flat surface and test firing are allowed.
  10. Do not confront other players if they have offended the rules kindly involve the staff to solve the problem.
  11. Loud decibel items and guns are prohibited.
  12. All games are semi fire only.
    *If there are request from customers for a full auto fire game staff will ask all participant’s opinion. Rather to play with full auto or not.
  13. In game movements are mostly half speed running without both feet leaving the ground.
    *If there are request from customers to play games that allows running, players opinion will be asked by the staff.
  14. Players are only allowed to use 1 grenade per player in each game.

*Minor changes on rule no. 12,13,14 are possible depending on the number of players and situation.
*Others specific game rules will be briefed by the staff.

Game Fee

*Players who plans to play both 1st and 2nd half game will get ¥1,000 discount from the total game fee.

10:30 – 16:30






10:30 Open (10:00 on weekends)
11:15 Orientation
11:30 Game Start
13:15 Break
14:00 Starting the Game
16:00 Ending the Game
16:30 Close

18:00 – 22:00



*Players coming in from 19:30 onward ¥2,200



*Players coming in from 19:30 onward ¥2,200


18:00 Open
18:15 Orientation
18:30 Starting the Game
21:30 Ending the Game
22:00 Close

Midnight 23:30 – 5:00






23:30 Open
00:15 Orientation
00:30 Starting the Game
04:30 Ending the Game
05:00 Close

Rental Gear

Rental gears during public games are free.
User friendly rentals are available for players who don’t have airsoft equipment.
Rentals are limited in quantity, kindly inform us upon reservations for rental equipment.

Rental gear list

  • AEG handgun sets
    – Tokyo Marui hicapa-E
    – Long magazine
  • Full face mask
  • Cap
  • Overall suit
  • Gloves

Public Game Regulations & Terms

Kindly follow the rules & regulations thru out the day.

  • All guns must undergo the chrono test.
  • All guns must pass the chrono test of under 0.98jules with 6mm 0.2g BBs.
  • Several shots will be tested thru chrono guns which exceed over the airsoft gun law limit will be dismantled and not being able to shoot projectile,and properly stored under the staff’s supervision. or taken out of the store and stored into the individual’s automobile is possible.
  • Kindly inform the staff for minor adjustments of airsoftguns,and is required to be chronoed again.
  • Fps power limit adapters are prohibited.

* in game chrono test are implied for security messures.


The following types of BBs are allowed.

  • 6mm 0.2g
  • biodegradable
  • plastic
  • tracer compatible
  • BBs weighing more than 0.2g are prohibited

※ In game BBs weighing are implemented.

  • Magazines are not ported to the guns.
  • Always put on the safety switch of the guns.
  • Do not point the gun to other players even though it is not loaded.
  • Dry firing at the staging area is prohibited.
  • Revolver type guns must have a muzzle cap.
  • Shooting full auto is not allowed.
  • Game area and shooting area, eye protection are a must.
  • Mesh type goggles alone are not allowed. Plastic covered shooting glass under the mesh goggles are implemented to prevent fragments of BBs which may cause eye injury.
  • Eye protection that aren’t ballistic such as sunglasses are prohibited.
  • Do not take off your eye protection during games.
  • Using face guards are not a must but we are reccomending the use to prevent face & dental injuries.

18 years old and above (excludingg senior highschool students).
20 years old and below players print the guardian’s consent from our website, filled up and a signature signed by the player’s guardian.

> Guardians Concent Form
  • Guns without a functioning safety switch/selector are not allowed.
  • Guns with inner barrel overlapping the outer barrel are prohibited.
  • Grenades are allowed (thus there is a specific area for arming and disarming).
  • Loud Db emitting guns, grebades are not allowed
  • Tactical lights under 1000 lumens, strobes are allowed.
  • Claymore, grenade launchers are not allowed.
  • Smoke grenades and such items that emit smoke are prohibited
  • Some external sources, HPA taps are prohibited
  • Domestically sold gas such as (HFC-134a) (HFC-152a) (Tokyo Marui non-freon gas) are allowed.
  • High-pressure gas is prohibited.
    Players caught bringing high pressured gas will be asked to leave the premisses immediately.
    In some cases of precaution individual players would be banned from the field.
    CO2 cartridge gun, specific guns aprroved by STGA guns such as:
    – marushin 5-7
    – carbon8 cz75 2nd version
    – carbon8 M45 CQP
    besides these specific guns are not allowed.
    CO2 cartridges sold domestically are only allowed.
    Kindly understand that CO2 cartridge guns in game chrono are much more strict than regular gas guns.
  • Moving barricades,facility equipment are prohibited (individuals caught destroying facility equipments will be charged)
  • Drinking alcohol,players under the influence of alcohol are prohibited.
  • Posession of alcohol,spray cans,smoke emitting items are not allowed.
  • Fire emitting items are not allowed.
  • Only supervised to be used at the smoking area.
  • Real knifes,immitations,dummy knife are prohibited.
  • Any item that the field staff precaution are not allowed.
  • Costume,morally improper wear upon entry are not allowed.
  • Trouble,accidents within the shop,parking lot are not supervised and will not be the shops responsibilities so safety precautions at all times are suggested.
  • Going out to public areas with camo setup wear,exposed airsoft guns are prohibited. In some cases the individual will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Players banned at other airaoft field are not tollerated and prohibited.
  • Players with no intent on listening to the staffs precautions will be asked to leave.
  • Yakuza related personnel are not allowed.
  • Players reserved for public games are required to cancel reservations until 22:30 the day before of the reserved date providing the individual’s reservation
    name, date, cancelations can be processed through our CONTACT page.
  • No-show, cancellation without informing the staff will result for the individual to be charged.

Member registration is required for using our field.

Click below to the reservation after SIGN UP the membership.